The Little Things In Life

A List Of A Few Things That Get Me Through The day Without Hurting Someone.

  1. Clean Hair
  2. Clean Clothes
  3. Freshly Cut Grass
  4. Petrol (huh? admit it, it smells nice).
  5. Rain
  6. Going From Wet And Cold To Dry And Warm
  7. Being Warm In General
  8. Hot Shower
  9. Cold Shower
  10. Smiling
  11. Sun
  12. Positiveness
  13. Freedom
  14. Speed
  15. Water
  16. Doing What You Love
  17. Doing Something Wrong
  18. Doing Something Right
  19. Finding A New Favorite Something
  20. Laying In Bed Past 10am.

You Think Of Anymore? Comment.




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