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RAF Waddington Airshow

Not sure if any of you are aware of this but I live in the UK and over hear we love our planes. I went to the annual waddington airshow today and bloody hell it was awesome. We weren’t in the best position but good enough to see some of the screaming jets fly past at 200+mph. We also have a few display teams, the RAF parachuting display team and the almighty RAF Red Arrows, one of the worlds best display teams. I have a few pics here of them and various other countries planes. There was also a few ‘static’ planes (don’t move throughout show) and one was a US drone, they are huge!


FULL ALBUM–>They end on page 5 about 3/4 way through

My dad gave me his old fujifilm camera the other day, it’s always been something I want to do. Own a high quality camera and just take pictures, so I was wondering if you guys/girls would look at these pictures I took, this is three out of around 200 pictures. Will you comment and tell me what you think? By the way they look a little blurry because I uploaded them from my iPod, at the time I was too lazy to turn my computer on, will you check out the full album? (link above)

Should I post more pictures

20140702-091258 pm-76378821.jpg

20140702-091257 pm-76377617.jpg

20140702-091258 pm-76378261.jpg