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Truck Drivers

In the UK we have things called dual carriageways, this is essentially just a road with two lanes. We have so many foreign truck drivers in this country that they really don’t understand our roads. Trucks are supposed to go in the left lane so they can be passed, but some drivers feel that they can go in the right lane and overtake another truck, it takes so long for them to overtake each other which just holds up the rest of the road, please if you drive a truck, don’t overtake other trucks.


I posted a comment on the daily post thing asking how I could improve my blog, one person said stop being so negative. I’m negative because I know that nothing in this world is good, look around, their are countless things that contribute to my negativity, (most the people I know) and yet in public I still put on a smile and act like everything is okay, even though we all know that their is far more negative things around us than their are positive.

Waste Part 2

So if you read my other waste post you will understand this one, this is on clothing again. I cut my finger the other day and instead of going out and buying some sort of bandage I got an old t-shirt cut it into a good size and used some double sided tape to secure it. I know it’s not uncommon for people to do this but still, waste, use a t-shirt.

Fathers Day

Today is Fathers day in the UK and what I don’t understand is the reason behind it, at what point in history did someone create a day which is centred around their dad. It’s just another day that the greeting card company’s made to make you spend more. Personally I don’t see the need for cards, they just create some waste card that will hurt the environment, everyone throws them away.

Here’s the deal.

I am going to continue with this blogging thing but I am going to post when I want to, no schedule. Surprised anyone even reads the stuff I type.


So I had last week off because it was half term, I am in sixth form and this week is for study leave, I have to go in even though I have absolutely nothing to do. and I haven’t had anything to do for the past 3 weeks, all I have done is play online scrabble, whats the point?

So Much Waste.

Sunday 1st June 2014 


multipackaging2028Custom29We are all guilty of it, wasting things that could still be used, I’m not talking about food or anything like that, I’m talking about clothing, food a little but mainly clothing. I try my best to recycle and help save the environment but the thing that I really don’t understand is the rule that if your clothes have holes in them you should throw them away. Like socks, whenever I have a hole in mine my mom throws them away, then proceeds to moan about spending money on new ones, why did you throw them away then? Having holes in your socks does not effect their ability to form around your feet, all the holes do is give your feet a bit of ventilation. Things like shirts I kind of understand but there is still no need to throw them away, just don’t go out in them, wear them around the house, or even give them to some sort of charity.

Also waste packaging is really annoying, I recently bought some earphones and the package they cam in was about 8 cm long by 3 cm wide, their is really no need for the box to be that big, the earphones themselves were wrapped up so they are smaller. Stop wasting so much stuff!

I realize now that most of my posts will be rants and me complaining, that’s because I have nothing better to do, I am not due back at school for another 2 weeks so I don’t really have anything to write about.