Text Terms

Saturday 31st May 2014 – Second Post


You know when you message someone via text or Facebook message etc and people put things like LOL or LMAO, yeah I hate that. Whats the point in it? Sure it saves some time but really what you put is not what you mean. I have to be honest I have used LOL a few times (not many) and when I wrote it guess what, I did not laugh, at all. Some of them take quite a while for you to actually figure out what they mean, like GG (Good Game), it took me weeks to figure out what that meant (didn’t use Google etc.) and AFK (Away From Keyboard), I had to type that in the chat of the game I was playing.

I hate text terms, I also hate people who don’t use punctuation, I’m not great at using it but at least I attempt. Every time I look at my Facebook news feed I cringe at the poor grammar and punctuation, ‘got me sen a new bike’. This was on their a few days ago, In not even going to comment on it. Every time I type something I try to use capitals and punctuation, sometimes I forget but most times I don’t.

Please write properly, do not let the English language become a substitute

Sorry this post was a bit boring, busy day.

About Daniel Hobson

I am 17 years old and in sixth form, I am studying English literature, graphic products and ICT, I hate many things, listen to my annoyance https://acedanblog.wordpress.com/

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